Let’s face it, all body shapes are different – and not one body shape is better than the other. For the sake of fashion and finding pieces that compliment you best, there are 5 commonly identified body shapes. Let’s break down what it means to be compared to a fruit or a math tool!


The most iconic hourglass shape? You guessed it – Kim Kardashian.

Body Shape Traits – Your coveted figure is full and gorgeous! Your hips and shoulders have about the same width, and your waistline is well defined.

Say Yes – To dresses with a natural waistline or belted waistline. Ensure the curve of the dress hits you in the right spots for the best effect.

Say No – To looser fitting or baggy styles, like a baby doll camisole. Avoid empire wastes as they can distract from your natural shape and create a disproportioned lower body.


Body Shape Traits – You take every opportunity to show of your legs! Your hips are slim and your shoulders are slightly more broad.

Say Yes – To dresses that will add body to your bottom half. Keep an eye out for a dress with an a-line hem or an empire waist. A wrap dress should be your new best friend!

Say No – To anything that has a natural waistline, horizontal stripes or a dress that you find to be too fitted.


Body Shape Traits – Your waist is narrow and you can totally rock the crop tops! Your hips are larger than your shoulders and you likely have a smaller bust.

Say Yes – To a fitted v-neck or strapless dresses. This will accentuate your top half and help draw attention to your natural waistline. Again, anything with a natural waistline will do wonders for your body type so keep an eye out for something with a structured shape.

Say No – To short hemlines and the uber-poof; neither of these styles will fall properly on your body type. When shopping, try on longer dresses and consider having them hemmed if you like them a bit shorter.


Body Shape Traits – You’re long and lean. Shopping for your body type is typically easier than others, lucky you!

Say Yes – To dresses that make you feel like a star. Added embellishments such as sequin, embroidery and lace are your best friends! Boat neck or off the shoulder necklines are great for your body as they elongate your shoulders across the body.

Say No – To anything too short or too tight. Chopping yourself off with a short hemline isn’t a good plan for a formal affair.